MIFARE Plus Family

The MIFARE Plus® product family brings benchmark AES security to contactless applications. It offers the benefit of a seamless upgrade of existing MIFARE Classic® product-based installations and services with minimum effort. This results into the possibility to issue cards, being fully backwards compatible to MIFARE Classic, into existing system environments prior to infrastructure security upgrades. After the security upgrade, the MIFARE Plus products use AES security for authentication, data integrity and encryption which is based on open, global standards. Find out more about MIFARE Plus X and MIFARE Plus SE in our feature overview. The latest edition to the MIFARE Plus family is MIFARE Plus EV1 contactless IC, offering an enhanced feature set on the highest security level.

As an NFC reader for MIFARE products we recommend the MFRC630.

Key features:

  • Simple, fixed memory structure compatible with MIFARE Classic with 1K/4K memory
  • AES used for authenticity, confidentiality and integrity
  • Common Criteria EAL4+ certified
  • Access conditions freely configurable
  • Supports ISO/IEC 14443-3 UIDs (4-byte NUID, 7-byte UID)
  • Optional support of Random IDs
  • Multi-sector authentication, Multi-block read and write
  • Keys can be stored as Crypto1 keys (2 x 48 bit per sector) or as AES keys (2 x 128 bit per sector)
  • Full virtual card concept
  • Proximity check
  • Communication speed up to 848 kbit/s

    Key applications:

  • Public transport
  • Access management
  • School and campus cards
  • Citizen cards
  • Employee cards
  • Car parking
  • Loyalty